A single mother takes her son’s advice and auditions for a talent show.

Glennis Grace, 39, made quite an impression during her first audition for America’s Got Talent. This single mother is willing to go to any length to pursue her dreams, including flying all the way from the Netherlands for a chance.

Glennis has had this dream for a long time, but it was her 11-year-old son, Anthony, who encouraged her to take this incredible leap. Continue reading to find out more about this single mom’s audition for America’s Got Talent.

Her first performance was an incredible rendition of Whitney Houston’s “Run To You.” Glennis easily received a ‘yes’ from all four judges, and she is now back on the big stage to try to impress them once more.

Glennis is performing another classic song for a pop icon this time. Listen to her effortlessly belt out Prince’s “Nothing Compares To You.” She took judge Mel B’s advice and wanted to be unique in her performances. Glennis has unquestionably made this song her own, and it is absolutely incredible.

This woman has a gift for singing, and I’m glad her son convinced her to share it with the rest of the world. Glennis is older than most of the other contestants, but she is giving this performance her all, and it shows.

What an inspiring example of never being too old to pursue your dreams. Glennis is an inspiration to mothers all over the world, and I hope to see more of this one-of-a-kind performer in the future.

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