A delectable puffin no more. What does the 22-year-old summer daughter of John Travolta look like right now?

Such a change is challenging to grasp.

The offspring of renowned performers have been scrutinized by the public since their arrival. Ella Blue Travolta, John Travolta’s daughter, was not spared.

The girl had a bodacious figure as a kid, which was continuously mocked by the press and society.

She even came in first place for the ugliest famous kid. Ella Blue tried to hide her extra weight by donning baggy clothes, but her efforts were useless because such forms were difficult to conceal.

Travolta shocked the crowd years later with his incredible transformation. Ella Blue has grown from a rotund, lopsided adolescent to a slender, refined young lady

She started to look much youthful after losing weight and changing her dress style.

Ella Blue is now 22 years old and looks a lot like her renowned father. Her mother, however, is no longer living; actress Kelly Preston passed in 2020. Ella Blue Travolta has already started acting in films, following in her famous parents’ path. Her ambition to become an actress pushed her to alter her look, and the outcomes were stunning.

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