Everyone assumed the 5-year-old was making a joke when he sat down at the piano on stage and began playing Mozart.

A five-year-old child entered the tiny theater and took a seat at the piano. The toddler caused the audience to gasp. However, the youngster boldly lifted the lid and immediately started playing Mozart’s most challenging composition, flawlessly.

Numerous people in the audience started whispering after the opening chords. They identified the opening section of Mozart’s Piano Sonata No. 16 in C Major, which is challenging even for an experienced adult musician to perform.

It’s a remarkable talent for a young person. Likewise, consider the size of his hands. The audience said, “After all, the piano is even harder for him to play than an adult.

A video of the boy’s performance quickly went viral online. People managed to find out his name — Alberto Cartuccia Cingolani was brought up in a family of musicians, the piano. He mastered it when he was three years old.

Alberto has already chosen what he will do in life. The 5-year-old prodigy will devote most of his time to music.

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