Mrs. Mariska Hargitay thanks Jayne Mansfield, her late “mama,” for her supermodel stride…

Although she starred in films like “The Girl Can’t Help It,” “Too Hot to Handle,” and “The Wayward Bus,” renowned Hollywood actress Jayne Mansfield originally rose to fame in the 1950s for both her talent and her dazzling beautiful looks. She also performed in nightclubs and as a vocalist.

Mariska Hargitay resembles her mother remarkably and possesses a natural talent for acting, proving that she inherited both Mansfield’s good genes and her acting prowess. The program “Law and Order: SVU” has been broadcast since 1999 and is regularly generating new episodes. She achieved huge success with the show.

Sadly, Hargitay was in the car with her brothers Miklós (Mickey Jr.) and Zoltán Hargitay when the catastrophe occurred. She was only three years old. Mansfield, her mother, was just 34 years old when she perished in a horrific vehicle accident.

Hargitay has absorbed her mother’s legacy and shaped it into her own. Despite having survived the calamity and the loss, she has not let it ruin her life. Fortunately, none of the three kids were seriously hurt, but Hargitay has a noticeable scar on the side of her skull.

Read on to read more about Hargitay’s heartfelt homage to Mansfield, including the bright pink outfit she wore in honor of her mother at Glamour’s Women of the Year Awards in November 2021 and the supermodel walk she displayed a year later.

Jayne Mansfield was born on April 19, 1933, in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. Mansfield, who was inspired by Shirley Temple, took acting and dancing classes and won a number of beauty pageants, which helped her obtain recognition.

In 1955, Mansfield obtained a role in the low-budget movie “Female Jungle,” which earned her a Golden Globe Award for Most Promising Newcomer “Will Rock Hunter’s success spoil it?

“She continued to play in movies like “The Burglar” and “Too Hot to Handle” in 1957, but she was still known as “The Poor Man’s Marilyn Monroe.”

Mansfield, who was murdered in a car crash while traveling from a nightclub performance in Mississippi to New Orleans, was survived by her five children: Jayne Marie Mansfield, Zoltán, Mariska, Mickey Jr. Hargitay, and Tony Climber.

Mariska Hargitay is best known for playing Captain Olivia Benson on the NBC drama series “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.” In an interview with Glamour in 2021, Hargitay discussed how she feels “so privileged” to be an actress and that she has found her “purpose.” She also discussed how her life has been “a journey in healing” and the advice she would give her younger self: “I would have grabbed that little girl’s hand and said, ‘

The striking similarity to her mother was first noticed in Hargitay’s role as Olivia; she told PEOPLE that doing so is an honor and gratitude to her and makes her feel as if “she is still with me.”

She remembered that someone once stated, “All you have to do to remember your mother is to look in the mirror,” after having been compared to her mother for the most of her life.

With a vivid pink attire at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards in November 2021, the stunning Hargitay stood out, and it’s no coincidence as pink is her mother’s favorite color “The color pink does have special importance because my mother will be joining me tonight and she is there. I only hope I can give her justice because she was one of the most beautiful ladies in the world “According to Today, Hargitay stated.

During the occasion, Hargitay received an award and spoke about her mother in her acceptance speech, according to Today.

“Our home is filled with images of her, and my God, she is just so incredibly gorgeous. But I believe that she underestimated the depth and beauty of her true beauty—the beauty of her radiant, delicate, inquiring heart.

Hargitay honored her mother once again in November 2022 by parading down a backstage catwalk. On his Instagram feed, fashion designer Christian Siriano shared a video with the caption:

Hargitay said in the video that her mother, who is skilled, is to credit for the way she learnt to walk. The actress’s walk was praised by Siriana as being excellent. Don’t forget, J.M., Hargitay retorted. was my mother.

It’s obvious that Hargitay will continue Mansfield’s legacy forever.

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