Richard Gere, 71, and his 99-year-old father shared a photo under the caption “Peppy Grandpa.”

Oh, how difficult it is to comprehend how quickly time passes, with some of our youth’s idols already older than 70… Remember how all the females were swooning over the beautiful Richard Gere following the movie “Pretty Woman”? His age is therefore 71.

This year, the father of the actor turned 99 years old. On his Instagram page, he posted a group photo with his parent.

“Looks amazing”, “Cheerful grandpa”, “How cool”, “It’s happiness to be a child at 71”, “Long life to daddy”, “Beautiful”, “Gir is old or it seems to me?” Multiple fans wrote in the comments.

Recall that in April 2018, Richard Gere got married. Alejandra Silva became his chosen one. The wedding took place in Spain, but the celebration itself was held in New York. Silva has a child from a previous marriage. On February 11, 2019, Richard Gere and his wife became parents. The couple had a boy, who was named after his mother — Alexander.

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