TRUE: Alyssa Milano has already spent $13 million on her vendetta against Elon Musk.

It’s not going well that Alyssa Milano tried to thrust herself into Elon Musk’s spotlight. Our sources claim that the actress has already lost more than $13 million, and there is little to no chance that this sum will decrease any time soon.

Milano’s net worth, which was $10 million prior to the scandal, is likely to have remained the same, according to financial analysts, but her future opportunities and income have been severely harmed. According to financial expert Joe Barron, the Who’s the Boss remake loss alone cost her close to $9 million

Her $150K yearly pay from Unicef and the lawsuit over her burnt Volkswagon, which struck a neighboring Prius and prevented traffic in and out of an upscale Soho neighborhood for hours, are two more significant losses. She was fired by the company for being “too unstable.”

Joe Barron, Milano’s spokesman, claims that she is not overly concerned about the amount it is costing her because it is “mostly just money on paper that doesn’t really affect her.” It remains to be seen if this indicates that she does not believe the $13 million is necessary or if it simply indicates that the entire narrative is a fabrication.


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