Watch the 61-year-old grandmother spin around in her stunning white swimwear.

Although showcasing swimwear can occasionally be viewed as provocative sexuality, as you will see in these stunning images, this is not always the case.

What these images demonstrate is that, as Yasmina Rossi demonstrates, you don’t have to be young to wear a swimsuit in a lovely and graceful way.

The online retailer The Dreslyn and the lingerie brand Land of Women collaborated on the images below. The Dreslyn’s creator, Brooke Taylor Corcia, intended to demonstrate that advertisements for swimwear don’t always have to be sexual and that adult women may also be featured alongside them.

Rossi was chosen for the campaign for a variety of reasons, according to The Huffington Post: “She is a woman that radiates health and vitality,” Corcia said. This collection is for ladies who live well, love to travel, are intellectual and self-assured and can show it. She is a visual artist and takes care of herself.

It’s difficult to believe that the model is 61 years old when you view the photos.

Rossi proves that you do not have to be young to be a swimsuit model

Believe it or not, Yasmina Rossi is 61 years old in these pictures

She was born in France in 1955, and grew up on the island of Corsica

She is a model, a portrait painter and a photographer who lives in California today

The photos are part of a collaboration between The Dreslyn and Land of Women

The founder of The Dreslyn said the idea behind the collection was to find an alternative way to advertise swimwear – one that keeps a distance from the sexual way that is usually displayed.

For the reason why Rossi was chosen, the founder of the store said: “This is a woman who radiates health and vitality, she is confident, she is an artist, she takes care of herself”.

The secret behind her beauty? “There is no special secret”, Rossi said. “The only thing I did was eat organic food long before it became fashionable”.

“I use oil on my skin, I use canola oil, and once a week I scrub the skin with olive oil and sugar, eat one avocado every day, and eat only organic meat and fish”.

A brave and original initiative of a company that is not afraid to stand out from the rest. These pictures are just amazing, are not they? And they prove that beauty has no age.

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