The grownups did not put themselves in danger, but this young youngster did not show fear and entered the ditch to save the dog.

At the age of 12, a youngster by the name of Alexander carried out a very amazing deed. The dog was saved from the gutter after the infant nearly drowned there.

In the pouring rain, the mother of the dog gave birth to her youngster underneath the shelter. One time, though, a torrential downpour washed a dog into a ditch, but Sasha was fortunate to be nearby at the time.

The child hurt his arm because the ditch was too small. When onlookers noticed this deed, they hurried to the ambulance. And Sasha’s deed was observed.

The fame of the hero began to spread and he became very popular throughout his town. The people are incredibly proud that such a brave boy is growing up in their hometown.

The Youth Center awarded the boy Courage Award. And we are very glad that such children live in our world, which means there are great hopes for a good future. And we also express our gratitude to the parents of little Sasha, who from an early age were able to instill in their son nobility, dedication and love for animals.

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