Simon rolls his eyes at the Céline Dion-obsessed girl until she can demonstrate that she sounds just like the diva.

The reputation of Simon Cowell as a tough, outspoken judge on top talent competitions. He also has the ability to recognize true talent. Despite Simon’s initial disappointing opinion of Celine Tam, a 9-year-old with talent, she immediately got the audience to its feet and held his attention.

She appropriately gave her kid the name Celine Tam in honor of one of her favorite performers, Celine Dion. On shows like America’s Got Talent, many adults who try to sing Celine Dion songs fall short of the iconic singer’s level of musical ability.

Little Celine Tam, however, demonstrated almost immediately that she was capable of singing the songs of the renowned Celine Dion.

Her parents had never seen Celine Dion perform before, so she went with “My Heart Will Go On,” one of her earliest songs. Her parents admitted they were huge Celine Dion fans and that their kid was named in her honor.

They weren’t expecting their young Celine to be as talented musically as Dion. Over time, they became aware of and encouraged their daughter’s vocal ability. Celine Tam finally had the opportunity to showcase her outstanding abilities on America’s Got Talent after putting all of her time, effort, and resources into it.

The moment the girl began singing this Celine Dion song live, the audience instantly recognized her potential and stood to applaud. Her talent obviously impressed the judges as well after the performance.

This family still enjoys singing along to Celine Dion songs together. The fact that the couple gave Celine’s baby sister Dionne as a name is not shocking. It is too early to say whether or not tiny Dionne will have the same vocal prowess as her older sibling.

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