A down syndrome couple was informed that they couldn’t get married. However, they were content for 25 years before to the tragedy.

This is a wonderful love story with some extraordinary individuals. Although everyone was told that nothing would work, they all managed to succeed. Tommy and Maryann are natives of the Essex county in England. When a boy and a girl first met, they fell in love right away. Such tales appear to be widespread, so why is this one so special? The problem is that Maryann and Tommy are Down syndrome sufferers. In a training facility for people with special requirements in development, a girl and a guy met. Instantly, a powerful pair was created, one that had to overcome many obstacles before finding bliss. Tommy and Maryann experienced criticism and even cruelty. Few individuals at the time thought they could coexist.

After all, it is quite difficult for people with Down syndrome to lead a life, besides, such unions are very rare. But loving people were able to overcome all prejudices, they proved that true love knows no barriers. Marianne was born in 1971 in a caring and understanding family that unconditionally accepted an unusual child. The girl’s mother and sister supported her all her life, protected her from the cruelty of the world. But her father immediately left his wife, so Maryann never considered a man part of the family. She had enough communication with her mother and sister, who doted on a kind and sympathetic girl. Tommy was born on March 21, 1958. Interestingly, it is at this time that the World Day of a Person with Down Syndrome is celebrated. Tommy’s life wasn’t as joyful as Maryann’s. The boy grew up in a special institution, as he became an orphan at the age of 12.

When Tommy and Maryann met, he was already 32 years old. The age difference with my beloved was as much as 13 years! But neither this nor Down syndrome prevented Tommy and Maryann from becoming a real couple! The girl’s mother recalled that her daughter was really happy the day she met her beloved. Marianne just beamed and talked incessantly about her new acquaintance. That same day, she invited Tommy to dinner at her house. The couple immediately began dating. Tommy had no doubt that Maryann was his only love, so a year and a half after the beginning of the relationship, the man decided to propose to her. But it wasn’t that simple. We are well aware of the attitude towards people with Down syndrome that has developed in society. Do not forget that the action of this story took place in the 1990s.

A barrage of criticism fell on the young couple, they were constantly faced with a negative and simply inadequate reaction from others. At the same time, it was important for Tommy to secure the consent of Maryann’s mother to her daughter’s marriage. She hesitated for a long time, but eventually blessed the couple. People said that Tommy and Maryann would not be able to live together for a day. This connection seemed to them simply unacceptable, but nothing can be stronger than love! Tommy and Maryann didn’t care what anyone else said, they were just happy together. The beautiful wedding took place on July 15, 1995. This event went down in history, because Tommy and Maryann became the first married couple with Down syndrome. The bride was in a dazzling white dress and a long veil, the groom was in a classic suit.

Maryann later admitted that it was the happiest day of her life! After the wedding, the newlyweds lived together with their sister Linda, but after 7 years they moved into their own house. The woman believes that this was an important step for an unusual family. Tommy and Maryann felt independent, they kept house together, they could take care of themselves. The fact that they were really together inspired many people with the same syndrome, and also debunked myths about Down syndrome. After all, some believe that with such a diagnosis it is simply impossible to find love and become happy. Maryann and Tommy proved by their example that this is not the case. Linda started a page in social networks, where she published stories from the life of an unusual married couple.

Such posts have become very popular, they were able to restore faith in possible happiness to relatives of people with Down syndrome. After all, Maryann and Tommy lived a full life, went to the movies and restaurants, played golf, traveled. They showed that happiness for people like them is quite possible. But the idyll was destroyed in 2014. Tommy was diagnosed with a terrible diagnosis: he was diagnosed with dementia. The man had problems with memory, coordination, speech. Tommy began to forget his wife, which terrified Maryann. And a few years later, the irreparable happened… The man fell ill with pneumonia, from which he died. Tommy died in 2019 after living with his wife for almost 25 years.

Marianne was heartbroken after her husband’s death, but she insanely cherishes the memories of him. They lived together for years filled with happiness, although no one believed in their union. The story of Tommy and Maryann inspired thousands of people around the world, restored their faith in true love. People with Down syndrome can not only experience sincere deep feelings, but are also able to carry them through life. That’s all friends! Share this story with your family and friends, write comments and put likes. See you soon!

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