This child was born with the same streak of white hair as her mother.

A newborn with the same white hair streak as her mother will brighten your day if you’re worn out and emotionally drained from the election (like me). According to Buzzfeed, MilliAnna is an 18-month-old child from Ridgeland, South Carolina. Even though MilliAnna’s white streak makes her wonderfully adorable, that isn’t the only thing that sets her apart. In reality, MilliAnna’s grandmother and mother share the same white streak, as does her mother, Brianna Worthy, 23. The white hair on young MilliAnna is a fourth-generation characteristic. Amazing, isn’t that? She is so adorable.

The Daily Mail claims that poliosis, which reduces melanin (or color) in your hair, is the cause of the characteristic. Worthy truly hoped her daughter would carry the distinctive quality. When I was younger, it would sometimes irritate me, but as I got older, I ended up actually appreciating it in my hair and was sure that it was my own special characteristic appearance, she told the outlet.

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Brianna Worthy/Caters News Agency

Worthy admited to the Daily Mail that she and her daughter do get stopped pretty often while out and about, but she doesn’t really mind. «The majority of the time I welcome the polite comments and don’t mind answering the many questions, but honestly, it can be overwhelming at times,» she says.

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Brianna Worthy/Caters News Agency
We love the way Worthy embraces her and her daughter’s unique trait. Just image how MilliAnna is going to style it when she’s older. We have a feeling she’s going to look just as gorgeous as her mom.

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