Texas Boy Who Was Seriously Hurt After Being Run Over by a Bulldozer Soon Starts Walking

A family’s life was tragically turned upside down when their adorable kid was involved in an accident, which was a regrettable turn of events. His condition made them believe he wouldn’t make it. But the devastated family got a big surprise a few days later.

Parenting entails a fair amount of hardships, sacrifices, and obligations. No parent would ever want to see their children in jeopardy, and when necessary, they are willing to risk their own lives to protect their offspring.

No matter how hard we try, suffering and pain are inevitable parts of existence. Fortunately, a healthy recovery from adversity can be facilitated by a loving family and encouraging friends. The young person in today’s tale went through a comparable situation.


On July 27, 2022, a heartbreaking incident that no one anticipated occurred as six-year-old Bodie Glenn Boring was with his father on a construction site. According to reports, the youngster was struck by a large bulldozer that weighed about 18,000 pounds.

Hundreds of thousands of people watched the video and were astounded by the youngster’s strength.


Soon afterward, Bodie was airlifted and taken to a hospital in Temple, Texas. He was hospitalized and said to have been severely injured, with multiple fractures and a brain injury.

The youngster was still recovering from his injuries when on August 1, he was said to have tested positive for COVID-19 after running a high fever.

The Boring family, including the boy’s mother, Samantha Boring, and father, Dugan Boring, were devastated after the unfortunate incident.


Bodie’s injuries were so severe, according to his family, that they didn’t think he would survive. They persisted in asking God to perform a miracle and for their dear boy’s recovery.

On social media, Samantha also shared updates about her son’s journey. She stated on Facebook on July 27:

“[Bodie] was life-flighted to the temple & all I could do was beg God not to take my baby (sic).”


But despite the terrifying ordeal, the Boring family received a heartwarming surprise when their sweet boy started showing signs of improvement. A relieved Samantha expressed that her son was feeling better and the accident didn’t break his spirit.

The delighted mother said that her boy had started to walk even before being diagnosed with COVID-19. Samantha shared that she knew Bodie’s recovery journey would be long, but she was hopeful that he would overcome. She also said:

“This is a miracle, and there’s only one explanation as to why [Bodie’s] still here and I truly believe that that’s God.”


As Samantha continued to share regular updates on Bodie’s recovery, she received massive support from family, friends, and strangers worldwide. In a July 28 Facebook post, the mother added:

“This is one of the hardest things we have ever had to face but we are just so blessed that he is still with us… only our Son Bodie Glenn Boring would survive getting ran over by the track of a 18,000 lb Dozer. I honestly didn’t even believe that was possible (sic).”


Bodie’s cousin, Magen Boring, created a GoFundMe fundraiser to help cover the youngster’s medical expenses and support his family during their difficult time. As of August 15, over $52,000 have been raised of the $60,000 goal.

Magen revealed that Bodie was pleased to see people supporting and praying for him and was overwhelmed by his story reaching people in other parts of the world.

She said that the financial donations proved to be helpful for Samantha and Dugan, who had taken time off from work to look after their son.


Meanwhile, Samantha kept people informed about Bodie’s health on social. In another Facebook post shared on July 28, she said:

“If you don’t believe in God Bodie is proof right here. I know for a fact God had a hand in saving my baby. There is no other explanation as to why im not leaving this hospital without my baby other then God (sic)!!”


On July 29, the delighted mother posted another update on her son’s recovery. Samantha said that her sweet boy walked to the shower twice but felt tired on his way back and had to be carried.

The Texas woman expressed that she was proud of her son’s strength. She confessed:

“I have never seen anything like it before in my life. Strongest, Toughest 6 year old I have ever seen (sic).”


Then, on July 31, Samantha again doted on her courageous son and shared his remarkable recovery clip on Facebook, where Bodie was seen taking firm steps with the help of a walker.

Hundreds of thousands of people watched the video and were astounded by the youngster’s strength. The ecstatic mother said:

“You may be tough but you aren’t walking 5 days after getting ran over by an 18,000 lb Bull Dozer tough. God is Good all the Time (sic).”


Thousands of people rallied in Bodie’s support, including children. A few youngsters were said to have set up a lemonade stand to show their love and appreciation for the warrior boy. In a Facebook post shared on August 1, Shannon Maupin Groves said:

“Go see these boys on the courthouse lawn. They are selling lemonade for Bodie and it’s good stuff.”

The Franklin, Texas boy’s survival has been dubbed miraculous, earning him the title of “the strongest little boy in the world” by the Borings and media outlets across the U.S.

In a heart-melting video posted on August 4, Bodie was seen covering the distance from the door to his hospital bed on his feet. Samantha also revealed that her son had been given the green signal to go home on August 5.

We are in awe of young Bodie’s strength and bravery, and we send him our best wishes and love. Please keep this boy and his family in your special prayers.

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