A Completely Different Person. What does Paris Hilton Look Like on Vacation in a Bikini and Without Makeup?

Paris Hilton isn’t known as “Eternal Barbie” for nothing. This blonde seemed to be stuck in the glitzy noughties.

The star appears nearly same on all red carpets (and in everyday life). Blonde curls that are tightly curled, catlike arrows, pink lipstick, and the trademark squint. Hilton’s fashion sense hasn’t altered in years: she enjoys “doll” childish gowns. True, he occasionally wears plush tracksuits as an exception – remember how popular they were 20 years ago?

But now the paparazzi have captured a rare photograph of Paris, who plainly did not expect anyone to notice her. The blonde actress was on a yacht with her fiancé Carter Reut. She wore simply a swimming suit and a lightweight shawl and no makeup.

As a result, admirers had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to glimpse the real Paris, rather than the gorgeous blonde look she has been meticulously cultivating for years.

***EXCLUSIVE****EMBARGO WEB UNTIL 10 AM OF 26th AUGUST 2021*** Paris Hilton and her fiancé Carter Milliken Reum enjoying a holiday on a yacht in Sardinia.

Many people believe that Paris is an entirely different person without cosmetics and Photoshop. One cannot agree more: the Hollywood heiress is stunning. The photo clearly shows that she has kept her slim body and youthful looks. It’s no surprise that her fiancé is madly in love with her.

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