Flight Attendant Liana acquired a stray dog named Bingo after falling in love with her.

Liana is a beautiful German flight attendant who loves dogs. On a gorgeous day, Liana was making her way to her hotel when she spotted a stray dog blocking the door.

She was feeding the dog while she was keeping watch on him.

That day, the courteous woman appeared to win the dog’s affections, and the dog decided to wait for her in front of the hotel. Bingo was the name Liana had given him.

Liana made an effort to avoid the dog after this occurrence because he started to follow her. Liana frequently had Bingo with her wherever she went, or she would wait for her in front of the hotel. He craved the attention he once enjoyed.

Even animals need to be shown love and affection in return. Liana flew once every three months.

The hotel employees told her that the dog came to the hotel every day over those months in an effort to meet her.

Then he eagerly awaited Liana. Bingo should be taken in by the local animal shelter, Liana urged.

They concurred, but it didn’t work out. Ultimately, Liana Sievers made the decision to adopt him. She then brought Bingo to Germany, where he began an amazing new life.

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