Incredible: a visitor gave birth to a baby in the Red Sea

Hadiya Hosni El Said, an Egyptian teenager residing in Dahab, unintentionally saw an extraordinary event firsthand.

One married couple, who appeared to be unloading at the resort, was shot by her.

But it was more than just a trip away.

A pregnant tourist is seen entering the water in the picture, followed by her husband and an elderly man.

It found out that the latter is a physician who specialized in water births.

It turned out to be a tourist who was giving birth.

She gave birth to a baby right in the Red Sea.

The Egyptian woman notes that while the doctor and her husband were carrying the child to the beach, the girl took a dip a couple more times and went ashore as if nothing had happened.

The umbilical cord was cut off already on the shore.

Judging by the photos, mom and baby are feeling great.

It can be assumed that this is not the first child in the family, since a boy, about four years old, was waiting for them on the shore.

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