“What an Outrage!” 64-year-old Madonna Forgot to Wear a Skirt and Flashed Red Underwear

Madonna, the American singer and actress, has once again stunned admirers with her appearance.

Madonna, 64, is the vocalist of the hits “Frozen” and “La Isla Bonita” and enjoys experimenting with her look. In addition to changing hairstyles, hair color, and lavish looks, Madonna is well-known for her fondness for plastic surgery. There have been claims that the singer has undergone more than 50 plastic procedures, although she has only confirmed 5 of them.

Looking at images of Madonna, it is clear that the star is a frequent client of cosmetologists and would not turn down an extra shot of Botox or hyaluronic acid to keep her skin suppleness.

Each exit or photo shared on social media is a true news flash. Madonna is the queen of controversy, thus she is not afraid to publish images, shocking the public and followers at times. So it was this time: the singer posted a fresh snapshot with her fans, but it appears that she neglected to wear a skirt!

Madonna wore a rock and roll costume in the images, sporting a new hair color – black at the roots and red at the points. Torn black socks, a sleeveless T-shirt with a ragged edge, and mesh – a distinctly rebellious ensemble.

And, by the way, the singer’s shape permits her to wear open dresses. Madonna admitted in an interview that she hardly never indulges herself and spends five hours a day at the gym. So, at the age of 64, her figure may be the envy of many 20-year-olds!

Another reason to maintain a “young” appearance is the singer’s new lover, who is nearly twice her age. Josh Popper, 29, has already met with the singer’s children, who number six in all – two biological from filmmaker Guy Ritchie and four adopted. As a result, the singer never allows herself or her listeners to become bored.

Madonna dated a man 41 years her junior last year. True, their romance did not last, and the pair split up after only six months together. In any case, Madonna, 64, is living life to the fullest, continuing to dabble in everything!

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