The youngest son of Clint Eastwood, Scott, has reached adulthood and resembles a twin of his father.

Clint Eastwood is a man with boundless abilities. I’ve lost track of how many amazing movies he’s been in, and he’s also produced and written dozens of others.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly is the role in Clint Eastwood’s career that immediately comes to me when I think of him. Naturally, Clint has always maintained his composure when acting since his debut in 1971.

The fact that he has been a Hollywood celebrity for the past few decades is undoubtedly a feat that many aspiring actors and actresses can only imagine, but if you asked him, I’m sure he’d say his children are his greatest accomplishments.

Eight children—from various relationships—have been born to Eastwood; many of them have chosen to pursue acting as a career.

I didn’t really appreciate how much Scott, Clint’s youngest son, resembles his renowned father until I recently took a closer look at Clint’s family.

Scott demonstrated that he didn’t require the moniker “Eastwood” to help him gain roles after deciding to pursue a career in front of the camera by using his mother’s maiden name. Scott was able to build a decent profession as a result of it working. He now goes by the name Scott Eastwood, but nobody should suggest that he has profited from nepotism.

One look at Scott and you can see that he’s Clint’s son. I don’t know about you, but I just can’t stop seeing his father in the lines of his face!

In fact, Scott himself has acknowledged how similar the pair are. He’s taken photos over the years so that people can compare them side by side.

Yet despite the fact Clint Eastwood undoubtedly holds some degree of sway in the film industry, being his son has not guaranteed Scott parts in all the films he wanted to star in.

As per reports, Clint has made Scott audition just like everyone else for roles in his films. Not only that, but Scott’s actually missed out on being a part of certain films his dad has directed, including American Sniper!

That’s right, Scott himself admitted that his dad doesn’t give him parts in his films. In a 2015 interview, Scott said: “I’ve auditioned for pretty much every one of my father’s movies.”

He appeared in both Gran Torino (2008) and Invictus (2009), but anyone who thinks his dad’s giving him a leg up over anyone else has simply got it wrong.

Nevertheless, one point that cannot be refuted is the fact that Clint and Scott look almost like twins in their comparison pictures.

In the below image, Scott can be seen dressed as Clint’s character from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Don’t they look so alike?!

Just looking through the photos gives me the sense that I’m looking at a young Clint Eastwood again. And what a young man he was! Who remembers watching him in Dirty Harry? He definitely ranks amongst my favorite ever actors.

While Scott, now 34, has yet to mimic his father’s extraordinary success on-screen, he certainly has a bright future ahead of him. With looks like that, he can’t go wrong!

Scott’s latest work sees him starring alongside Orlando Bloom in a 2020 release called The Outpost. The film is reportedly a war thriller that tells the story of a small unit of U.S. soldiers stranded and alone at a combat outpost deep in Afghanistan.

Watch the hilarious clip below to hear Scott telling how his father won’t automatically cast him in any movies just because they’re family.

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And what do you think about how alike Clint and his youngest son Scott look? Isn’t it incredible?

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