Weeks before turning 97, Dick Van Dyke appears to be in good health as he spends time with his wife at the gym.

This year, Dick Van Dyke will turn 97.
He now enjoys life with his wife and makes an effort to stay up.

Dick Van Dyke, a well-known performer, is still in excellent physical condition for his age. Additionally, he and Arlene Silver, his wife of ten years, are still deeply in love.Recently, actor Dick Van Dyke and his wife, Arlene Silver, were spotted in Los Angeles. The duo was seen traveling together to the gym. Van Dyke allegedly looked upbeat as he grinned while posing for pictures with admirers in the parking lot before entering the establishment to work out with his wife.

The comic appeared unconcerned about having pink eye, despite claims that he had just dealt with it as he happily posed. Silver, his wife, also paused to snap shots in the meanwhile.

The two then entered the gym together, and more than an hour later, they were both driving home. For the session, Van Dyke wore a burgundy hooded top, while Silver sported a gray sweatshirt and black trousers.

What led him to his wife?
The couple uploaded a video to YouTube on Valentine’s Day in which they can be seen dancing and singing to “Everybody Loves a Lover.” Van Dyke stated in March 2022 to Closer Weekly that Silver is the reason he is content and active:

The lovebirds have a 46-year age difference, but Silver, a makeup artist, is not bothered by that. Instead, she gushed about her husband: “He is the most perfect human being. I’ve never met anyone so happy, so genuine, so amazing. He’s just like a happy pill.”

The couple crossed paths in 2007 at the Screen Guilders Awards. Van Dyke was at the event to present an award, and he ended up conversing with Silver, who powdered his nose.

When recalling their first interaction, she said the Missouri native introduced himself, and in response, she asked him whether he was not the same person who starred in the 1964 musical film, “Mary Poppins.”

The happy couple celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary on February 29, 2022. When referring to the video they shared showing them singing and dancing, Van Dyke noted he loves harmonizing because it drives him, and he enjoys it more than anything else.

Van Dyke Creates Romantic Moments for His 46-Years-Younger Wife

Van Dyke is a romantic at heart. He and Silver got down for their romantic music video of the song “Everybody Loves a Lover,” joined by the Vantastix band. The two were in a moment as they sang a duet while he showed off his dance moves.

This is Van Dyke’s second marriage, as he was first married to Margie Willett. The former couple wed in 1948 but divorced in 1984 after 36 years of marriage. They share four children, Barry, Carrie, Christian, and Stacy. The “Diagnosis: Murder” alum is also a grandfather of seven.

After his first marriage fell apart, Van Dyke, met his longtime love, Michelle Triola. The two had lived together for 30 years before she sadly died in 2009.

Apart from his love life, Van Dyke is a celebrated Hollywood icon. He was honored at the 43rd Annual Kennedy Center Honors ceremony in February 2021 in Washington, D.C. The award-winning star told Entertainment Tonight that he was thrilled to be just at any place.

He noted he wished he could have done more caring for himself had he known he would still be alive today. “How I got here, I don’t know, and I’m not going to ask,” Van Dyke said.

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