Millionaire builds affordable housing for the underprivileged rather than paying for his daughter’s wedding.

Indian culture is accustomed to spending a lot of money on weddings. Everyone anticipated that his father would be more than willing to spend his millions on this enormous occasion when this billionaire’s daughter was organizing her wedding. This, however, did not take place.

Billionaire Mr. Ajay Munot’s daughter, Sheyra Munot, was getting married. He therefore laid aside $11 million for her wedding expenses. That might seem like a lot, but for someone with billions of wealth to his name, it’s nothing to worry about.

But he did something more interesting that will undoubtedly strike your heart rather than spending everything on his daughter’s wedding.

He did not use the funds for his daughter’s wedding. Instead, he made the choice to donate the entire sum to charity. This billionaire wanted to assist India’s homeless population. And the billionaire had already built 90 mansions by the time his daughter’s wedding date was nearing. He was also working on producing 18 more at the same time.

Nobody is sure what caused him to decide to suddenly change his mind about how he will spend his money, but when people heard about it they were only able to find good things to say.

These houses are arranged in rows. And even though there are so many of them in one place, they have enough space outside for kids to play. The houses are also painted brown and white with yellow house numbers in front to make them look more adorable. These houses also have a brown staircase that leads up to their front door.

So what do you think did the daughter feel when her father gave away her wedding money?

The billionaire’s daughter was not upset at all. In fact, she was happy with her father’s decision. What made all this special is that they opened the living quarters for the homeless on her wedding day. On her big day, they handed each of the family a key to their new house. Even without the millions of dollars to spend, the couple still managed to have a beautiful wedding.Ajay Munot is one of the richest people in India. He is a business mogul who made plenty of money by reselling wheat and cloth. He is also an expert when it comes to financing and investment. That means that he knows how to handle his billions.

Even though people are speculating whether the facts are true or not, he managed to teach all of us a lesson. For a person who is living with billions of dollars under his name, there is nothing wrong with spending that much on his daughter’s wedding. He could’ve easily spent all of his money on his daughter’s wedding.

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