Harrison Ford and his wife were described as “the most sincere couple in Hollywood” as they kissed at the event.

In a nice and friendly manner, Harrison Ford, 80, and Calista Flockhart, 58, made their public debuts. The Hollywood star was open about his tender sentiments for his preferred partner.

2010 saw the well-known actor tie the knot a third time. Liam, Calista’s kid, was adopted by Harrison and is now 21 years old. The Hollywood artist leads a quiet existence, but the appearance of his wife at the event sparked a flurry of online debates.

The pair attended the showing of the “Yellowstone” series’ prequel narrative. The actor presented a stoic appearance while donning a beautiful suit. His wife emerged in a snow-white suit, emphasizing her slim physique, to follow suit.

Calista and Harrison gave each other loving hugs and even kisses while oblivious to the photographers. “So thrilled for Harrison,” “Incredible, lovely to see,” “The kindest and most sincere couple in Hollywood. Bloggers write, “More than ten years together – and so cute,” “You can immediately see that he is unrealistically happy,” and other phrases.

And what do you think? Are they really a lovely couple?

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