We’re tempted to join the giggling of these adorable twin baby boys.

Hearing a baby giggle is often all it takes to make a bad day better. Their unadulterated joy causes a special reaction in our brains, and most of the time, we can’t help but smile or laugh in return.

The real reason we find babies so beautiful may not be due to psychology or natural selection, but rather the fact that their happiness originates from a wholly innocent and pure source; there are no hidden meanings or messages to understand when engaging with an infant.

Usually, all it takes to get a baby to laugh is to make a comical face or play a simple game of peek-a-boo, which is sure to result in a slobbery grin. And as seen in this video, the effects are almost too adorable to handle when a second baby joins in.

Peyton and Brennan, twin boys who were placed face to face in their crib, are acquiring a useful new skill by calling and replying with another person. We adore them simply because they are so incredibly adorable, regardless of the advances in brain development that are occurring.

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