Simon Cowell’s tears were brought on by moving performances…

Like its American counterpart, Britain’s Got Talent isn’t shy to play with the emotions of its audience. On a recent episode, the show hosted an audition for its fifteenth season. Despite not being in line to apply for the show, Nick Edwards’ performance astounded the judges, the crowd, and even Edwards himself.


Unbeknownst to Edwards, the play’s cast members—including his mother, two daughters, and other actors—entered the stage at BGT. Edwards appeared unsure of what would happen next as he sat in the hallway. “Well, Nick doesn’t know anything about this and we surprise him because we want him to come and sing because he sings a beautiful song for girls,” Tracy, Edwards’ mother, said as she began to elaborate. Certainly, Nick.

In tears, Edwards makes his way from his audience seat to the stage where he eventually gives a moving rendition of “Daddy’s Little Girl” by Ernie Halter. Wow, we had a full day scheduled. Being called on stage “completely shocks me,” Edwards said. The singer responded, “I think over the years I have lost a lot of confidence in my singing,” when asked why he had said he would never participate in BGT. I typically perform it in the shower at home.

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