Dog Was Severely Matted For Months Until Good People Helped Him Shine To His Full Glory

Although a dog is man’s best friend, some people just don’t deserve these noble creatures. The employees of the RSPCA saw this with their own eyes when police officers handed them a severely matted dog whom they took away from the irresponsible owner.

A dog named Barney was so matted that it was hard to be sure that there was really a dog underneath all that fur. These people were in shock and couldn’t believe their eyes, but they decided to do everything to help this poor creature feel like a real pup again.

It was the least they could do for him at that moment.

Heavily Matted And Neglected

Although they already saw the dire condition Barney was in, the people from the RSPCA simply could not believe what they were witnessing when they inspected this dog thoroughly.

“He was extremely matted, with big clumps of fur hanging off of him that appeared to be full of dirt or faeces and tightly bound to areas around his back,” RSPCA Inspector Tina Nash said in her witness statement.

This was the state in which the irresponsibility of his owner brought the poor dog. The owner, Tim Ronald Springett, tried to justify himself by claiming that he thought Barney did not need grooming because he was a Black Russian Terrier.

However, it was not at all a convincing justification because he could easily see in what state such a decision had brought this dog. Poor Barney couldn’t see anything from the fur that covered his eyes, and the weight he had to carry caused him pain whenever he walked.

All this motivated them to do everything for Barney, so his grooming session lasted a very long time. Although they successfully finished it, they were shocked by the amount of weight this dog had to carry. A whopping 17 pounds of fur was taken off of Barney.

“The dog had been made to support a coat weighing approximately 21% of his body weight as he moved around,” a vet who helped Barney said in a statement. “The weight of this coat would have risen considerably when the dog was wet.”

It was the best proof of what poor Barney had to endure all those 19 months during which his owner did not want to take him to the groomer.

Justice Served

After so much time spent in the dark and after a long and difficult grooming session, the sun finally shone on Barney. The people who helped him were delighted to see his beautiful smile and his heart was also full because he was surrounded by love and attention.

According to the RSPCA“Barney is now in private boarding, and he will be available for rehoming.” There is no doubt that this beautiful boy will meet his happy ending soon.

Meanwhile, Barney’s owner, Tim, was brought to court and had to answer for his misdeeds. Although he claimed that he was ill at the time and was unable to take care of his dog, he was eventually sentenced.

Tim was handed a five-year animal ban and a 12-month community order. He also had to pay $500 in costs and a $120 victim surcharge.
In the end, justice was served, and this man got what he deserved. We also hope that Barney will get the same – an owner who will love and respect him and who will not let him end up in the dark ever again.

Heartlessly Dumped Dog Was Lying Alone In The Woods Until Good People Gave Him A New Chance

Dogs are beings whose whole world revolves around their favorite human. If you give them just a little love and attention, they will give you back a hundredfold and be loyal for the rest of their lives.

Unfortunately, many people are not aware of this blessing and take dog love lightly, which often leads to heartbreaking situations. This was exactly what a kind-hearted couple witnessed when they heard the cry of an abandoned dog lying helplessly in the forest.

The poor canine was loyal to his beloved owner until the end, but he reciprocated in the worst possible way. However, these two good people were so moved by his unfortunate fate that they decided to do everything to help him.

Difficult Recovery

dumped dog
Source: The Moho

Although Ursu, as this dog was named, was broken both inside and out, these two kind souls could still see a glimmer of hope in his eyes. This was exactly what motivated them the most to help him and give him a new chance in life.

After they petted him and gave him a lot of love to relax at least a bit, one of them gently took him in his arms and carried him to the car. Since he was in horrible condition, they immediately took him to the vet.

dog laying on a vets table
Source: The Moho

As soon as the veterinarian examined Ursu, he found out that he had liquid in his abdominal cavity. Aside from that, he was very malnourished and was suffering from a nutrient deficiency. All in all, his condition was quite critical, and he needed intensive care to survive.

That’s why his rescuers had to leave him in the veterinary clinic until he recovered. Fortunately, he was finally in safe hands as the vets were doing all in their power to make him feel better. They gave him all the necessary medications, nutritious food, and a lot of love.

woman holding dogs mouth
Source: The Moho

Although he had to stay in the clinic for several weeks, Ursu slowly started to recover, gaining strength and putting on weight. But, most importantly, the smile began to return to his face.

It was the best indicator that Ursu was on the way to complete healing and that the beginning of his new, happy life was approaching.

He Made It!

white dog walking on a street
Source: The Moho

After several weeks of very difficult recovery, both physically and emotionally, Ursu finally acquired the conditions to be discharged.

It was his new beginning and only his saviors were happier than him. That is why they decided to provide him with a foster home until he found a forever family.

However, this couple bonded so much with Ursu that they could no longer imagine life without him. After just a few days, they decided to adopt him.

They showered him with so much love, care, and attention that Ursu blossomed into the happiest dog in his new home. When we remember that only a few weeks ago, he was left lying helplessly in tears, we realize how special these moments are.

Ursus’s story is a reminder that even in the darkest times, there are still people who care. But, it is also a call to action for all of us to treat our best canine friends with the respect and kindness they deserve.

Dog With A Paralyzed Leg Was Lying Near A Road And Crying Loudly For Help Until Somebody Came

It was a very ordinary day when a group of kind rescuers heard faint noises coming from a nearby area on the road.

They stopped their car and went to have a look around. It came as a shock to them when they found a dog lying in the grass and begging for help.

She looked so sweet, but you could just tell that she was so afraid and just wanted help to get away from her situation.

She Was Desperate For Help

dog with paralyzed dog
Source: Youtube

The rescuers noticed her pain and wanted to help. However, they noticed something wrong with her leg. It looked like one of them was paralyzed, and it was hindering her movement.

She was also very matted and in need of a grooming appointment. They noticed that she was a bit confused as she had no idea what their intentions were.

They gave her some food, which she gladly ate, but then she moved away because she was very timid.

So, they had to keep convincing her to come back with even more snacks. Because she hadn’t eaten in a long time, she naturally returned.

abandoned dog found by man
Source: Youtube

This allowed them to place her in a car and take her to see a groomer who took care of her lumpy fur.

You could just tell she felt completely relieved when all of that fur was gone, and she started wagging her little tail as a sign of gratitude.

Even though the easy part was now over, they had to wait for a veterinarian who would give her a checkup.

In the meantime, this sweet pup took an opportunity to explore her new surroundings and she was just so fascinated by everything. It was great to see that her spirit was still intact.

A Very Difficult Decision

black dog eats
Source: Youtube

After the vet arrived, they did a quick X-ray scan, and found that she had a certain deformity on her leg. She also showed signs of infection but nothing that couldn’t be easily fixed.

However, because her leg was causing her a lot of problems, the vet thought the best thing for her would be to amputate it.

As hard as that decision was to make, it was ultimately necessary for her as it would make her life a lot easier.

After the decision was made, they proceeded with the surgery almost immediately and everything went well.

This brave pup handled it well and she is already on her way to a full recovery. Her rescuers are always there for her and are making sure she is getting everything she needs.

Start Of Her New Life

fluffy dog lying outdoor with paralyzed leg
Source: Youtube

Five days later, and she was already moving really well. Her health had also improved dramatically, and she was no longer struggling with infections.

Despite going through a rough patch in the last few days, she is just so positive and outgoing about everything. Her rescuers were so glad to see that she was doing well.

After about two weeks, her leg injury had healed almost completely and she was now able to walk normally.

Her hair is also starting to grow back and she is making some new friends at the clinic she stayed in.

dog sitting on the floor outdoor
Source: Youtube

Now that she was discharged, her rescuers took her to a nearby park, and she was ecstatic to just run around and play.

When they saw just how adorable and playful she was, they decided that she belonged with them. She was going to be adopted by her wonderful rescuers, which is such great news.

In the end, despite having such a difficult life, this sweet dog has managed to bounce back, thanks to the help of her amazing new parents.

A Woman Gave This Unwanted Black Pit Bull A New Home And Turned Her Life Into A Fairytale

There are many prejudices in this world, and many of them are related to animals, especially dogs. One of the most widespread and accepted stereotypes is that Pit Bulls are an unadoptable breed.

Such thinking has contributed to the fact that many people do not even want to consider the option of adopting a Pittie, so these poor fellows often are left to fend for themselves.

Fortunately, not everyone is the same, and proof of that is a woman named Caitlyn, who decided to give one Pittie a home without much thought.

She changed her life forever…

The Beginning Was Everything But Easy

close-up photo of black pitbull
Source: GeoBeats Animals

When a Pit Bull named Liv was found as a stray, she was severely underweight, her stomach was sagging from overbreeding, and her ears bent backward- possibly from a botched cropping attempt.

However, Caitlyn, from Charlotte, North Carolina, immediately fell in love with her when she saw her sad eyes, which were the best reflection of everything she had been through.

Although she already had a Pit Bull at her home in Charlotte, Caitlyn couldn’t resist this beautiful Pittie. She soon decided that she would become her foster mom.

“We are excited to announce we have started our next adventure, but this one isn’t a road trip! We are fostering Liv! ❤️” she wrote in her Instagram post“This sweet little girl is still taking some time to adjust. She is very skittish & nervous, but loves to sit in my lap and will literally hold my hand all day long!”

Given her past, it’s no wonder her adaptation has been so difficult. But, after a while, everything started to fall into place.

sad black pitbull
Source: GeoBeats Animals

“Baby Liv may be little, but she has a HUGE heart. I have watched her transform in less than a week with us from a terrified girl who would barely wag her tail to stealing Tot’s toys, pushing him out of the doorway to go first and chasing us through the house.” Caitlyn wrote in another Instagram post.

You’re probably wondering who Tot is. Well, that is perhaps the most beautiful part of this story.

Tot Was Her Ticket To A Happy Life

two dogs sitting next to each other
Source: @totty_too_hotty

“She would not go for walks until I started bringing Tater Tot on the walks with us,” Caitlyn told GeoBeats Animals.

You probably remember that we wrote at the beginning that Caitlyn already has one dog at home, and he is also a Pit Bull. Well, that’s Tater Tot.

It was love at first sight, and soon, Liv and Tot couldn’t be separated from each other. They understood each other very well, not just because of the same breed, but also because they experienced similar hardships in their lives. Tater Tot was also a rescue dog.

However, what was most impressive in the whole story was the fact that Tater Tot is a selective dog, meaning that he is not so friendly to most other dogs, especially new ones.

“I was terrified to do their meet & great. One night, she accidentally knocked down her gate. It fell on my foot & I could barely walk 🤣 it hurt so bad and bruised literally my entire foot,” Caitlyn wrote in her Instagram post“She darted out to meet Tot, they started playing while I prayed it didn’t turn into a fight and the rest is history.”

two dogs sitting in a car
Source: @totty_too_hotty

Although Liv was already part of the family in some way, she was still officially in a foster home. The love between her and Tot was the breaking point for Caitlyn’s decision to change this Pittie’s life forever.

From that day on, Liv was no longer Liv, but Sweet Pea, as her new mom called her. But, what is more important is that she became a full-fledged member of the family.

This black Pit Bull was finally where she belonged.

She Blossomed Around Her Favorites

dog lying on a fluffy blanket
Source: @totty_too_hotty

Since coming to her new home, Sweet Pea has had as many as five surgeries. One of her most visible wounds was the one on her face that she carried for a long time.

After that wound was successfully healed with the last operation, all the scars of her past life disappeared, and a new, much happier life could begin in its full swing.

Despite her traumatic past, Sweet Pea blossomed into a loving and affectionate dog. She enjoys keeping her paws on her mom’s hand, receiving head pats, and comforting her loved ones when they are upset. Her family is everything to her.

woman in a car with two dogs
Source: @totty_too_hotty

“Even to this day, she doesn’t go for a walks unless the three of us are together,” Caitlyn said for GeoBeats Animals“It doesn’t matter if the TV is on, it doesn’t matter what’s going on as long as I am with her or Tater Tot is with her.”

This loving trio often visited Caitlyn’s mom at work, where there was a vast field for the dogs to play in. Sweet Pea would play with her brother for a bit before standing protectively next to her mom or granny. Even off leash, she would never stray far from her family.

Regardless of everything she went through, this Pittie found the last atom of strength to survive and rise above all problems. The fuel that drove her was her family, without which, her life would certainly have no meaning.

But, the most important thing is that this black Pit Bull showed the whole world that love is stronger than any prejudice or stereotype, and that it always wins in the end.

You just need to find the right people.

Peyton Hills still in intensive care after rescuing his kids from drowning – ‘prayers needed’

Peyton Hillis, a former Arkansas Razorback and Cleveland Browns running back, has been struggling for his life since last week. On January 5, the valiant former NFL player was engaged in a catastrophic swimming mishap in Pensacola, Florida.

Hillis was rescuing his kids from drowning. While waiting for the ambulance, lifeguards and medical workers treated Hillis on the beach. The former running back was eventually airlifted to a neighboring hospital by helicopter.

Hillis paid a high price for his bravery. He had lungs and renal damage, and he was unconscious when he was admitted to critical care. Hillis’ children, as per accounts, did not require medical treatment.

Following the event, different speculations about Hillis’s health began to circulate on social media. However, Arkansas football posted some good news on Friday:- “Thinking about our man @thepeytonhillis. Encouraged to learn he’s doing better after his heroic act saving his family.”

Soon after, Hilli’s uncle, Greg, came to Facebook to express his optimism. According to Greg, Peyton is progressively recovering, despite the fact that he is still unconscious and in critical care.

He simply wished to let Razorback Nation know that Peyton is doing well. He’s still in intensive care and has some renal and lung issues, but the doctors believe he’s recovering, Peyton’s uncle added.

He just wanted to head off any speculations that may be generated. He is sure he’d want everyone to know how much he appreciates all of the prayers spoken in his honor!

Hillis has made some slight improvements in certain areas, but as of Sunday morning prayers were requested as some more concerns with his kidneys are reason for concern.

Willis is an Arkansas native and the happy dad of 2 kids. He has one son and one daughter with his ex-wife Amanda Hillis.

The co-parents married in October 2011, but formally divorced in 2020.

Peyton looks to be in a relationship with actress Angela Cole at the moment.

Last summer, she posted a photo of herself and Peyton with the caption that she don’t give a damn what people say about Peyt. She believe he is fantastic.

Sometimes someone comes into your life and changes everything, she continued. She is eternally thankful to him.

Peyton was forced to retire from the NFL in 2015 due to the number of head wounds he has experienced.

Throughout his remarkable career, he represented the Denver Broncos, Cleveland Browns, Kansas City Chiefs, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and New York Giants. Many individuals also knew him on the cover of EA Sports’ enormously successful video game Madden in 2012.

Prayers for a full and rapid recovery for this young man. We wish he has a great team of physicians and nurses and achieves the same results as Damar Hamlin.

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