“I can’t walk or sing.” Celine Dion left the stage because of a rare ailment

Celine Dion captured the public’s attention as a youngster due to her distinct vocal abilities. The singer is now 54 years old and has had a meteoric career and success.

Nobody could have predicted that the artist would have to put her career on hold at the height of her stardom, all because of a rare ailment that affects one person in a million.

As it turned out, the singer suffers from a rare illness that causes involuntary muscle tension, causing a person to be unable to move or even speak for a short period of time.

If not treated prophylactically, the person may lose not just the capacity to drive, but also the ability to walk or even eat meals.

The singer thanked her fans and explained why she had canceled her European tour. Simultaneously, Celine stated her wish for a safe return to the stage following the necessary therapy.

Users on social media greeted Celine with well-wishes and words of encouragement.

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