What do Siamese Twins, who were Able to be Separated a Few Years Ago, Look Like Now?

The birth of Siamese twins is a rare occurrence. Previously, when such children were born, doctors would just throw up their hands and, in very tough circumstances, advise parents to accept their children’s fate because it would be impossible to separate them. They frequently stated that a separation surgery could injure one of the babies.

But medicine has come a long way, and doctors can today perform true miracles even in the most difficult circumstances. For example, Erica and Eva, twins from California, were fortunate to encounter doctors who could perform the unimaginable.

The daughters were born in 2014. Unfortunately, they were connected together in the womb in such a way that they only had two legs and one body. However, the physicians reassured the parents that everything would be well. To separate the children, a complex surgery was undertaken in 2016.

Each girl only lost one leg, but their internal organs were unharmed, and they healed rapidly. The parents had no idea how to express their gratitude to the doctors who agreed to do such a complex operation.

The girls are now living a lovely life. They were provided specific cars in which to travel. The girls adore one other and, like actual twins, can communicate even without words.

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