No Longer Forrest Gump: The Sight of an Aging Tom Hanks Makes the Heart Sink

Tom Hanks remains one of the foremost favorites among movie enthusiasts, with all of his roles resonating deeply. To film buffs, he will forever be remembered as Forrest Gump, Sam from Sleepless in Seattle, and John Miller from Saving Private Ryan.

Such is the adoration for Hanks in the United States that he is affectionately referred to as “America’s Daddy.”

However, it becomes rather disconcerting to witness the actor in recent years. He has visibly aged, sporting gray hair and a face etched with wrinkles, which is unsurprising considering Forrest Gump is now 66 years old.

Despite this, Hanks continues to actively and frequently take on film projects.

In 2023, a few movies featuring his remarkable talent will be released.

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