“Jay Lo’s Candid Outfit”: The Star In Lace Lingerie Made a Real Splash!

The 53-year-old singer and actress starred in a spicy look. Jennifer Lopez showed beautiful translucent lingerie on her body.

Ben Affleck’s wife loves to arrange bold photo shoots. One wants to look at the stage images of Jay Lo again and again, and not everyone dares to repeat her outfits. The singer tirelessly works on her figure and believes that she should not hide her body.

This time the photoset turned out to be very sensual and romantic. Jennifer appeared in an open silk shirt, under which she had a black lace bra with gold trims. Silk short shorts completed the look.

Fans immediately began to discuss the pictures of the singer at the piano.

Recently, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck surprised fans. The Hollywood actor suddenly sang along with his wife: the artist’s fans noticed that he had talent.

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