“British Kim Kardashian”: Demi Rose Showed a Dress That No Decent Girl Would Dare To Try On!

27-year-old model Demi Rose is called “British Kim Kardashian”.

Although Kim experiments with the image and refuses the image of a burning brunette, the girls still have a lot in common. Both boast a stunning figure and seductive forms.

Rose is almost 15 years younger than Kardashian. And the stars also love to surprise fans with hot shots. The male half of the audience is delighted with photo shoots in microscopic swimsuits and sexy dresses.

Moreover, even the path to fame for Kim and Demi is similar – both started by participating in popular reality shows.

But if Kardashian is gradually moving away from provocative outfits, Rose relies on defiant outfits. New pictures are discussed by fans around the world, and the tabloids are full of headlines.

At the same time, Demi is far from being a fashion icon. Her vulgar dresses, shorts and bodysuits can hardly be called stylish. Recently she demonstrated another indecent look. Demi posed without underwear in a translucent white dress. It seemed that one awkward movement, and Rose would show much more than she was going to.

Opinions were divided in the comments. Sme confessed their love and called the star a beauty, others noted that there was nothing special about Demi. She was just another pretty girl. But the men could not hide their emotions.

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