“I’m Just Taking a Break From Wigs.” Tyra Banks, 49, Showed Herself Without Makeup or Wigs

This is how she reacted to paparazzi photos that surfaced on social media.

Tyra Banks, the supermodel and former “Top Model America” host, will shortly turn 48. Despite this, the American actress enjoys experimenting with daring looks and is unafraid of criticism.

Pictures of Tyra taken by paparazzi have lately surfaced on the network. Fans have noted that the former model has gained weight and that her hair has shrunk.
In response, the celebrity startled admirers and enemies by uploading a photo of herself without makeup on her Instagram profile (an extreme organization banned in Russia).

“And still gorgeous,” “Beautiful with and without the wig,” “Tyra, honey, thank you for your openness!” – wrote followers in the comments.

Subscribers applauded the celebrity for her candor and openness, since not every celebrity would dare to present in their natural form.

Of course, not every woman at 46 can afford natural shots without makeup, and Tyra Banks remains special in this aspect.

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